The 9 types of friends you need in life

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We all have a bunch of good friends because of whom you laugh a little harder, cry little less and smile a little bright.  Right from childhood, we met many friends few guide us, few teach us and few become soul mates. But everyone we met meant to cross our paths for a reason.

Best friends are hard to find because they are all mine and I am always grateful to God for being gifted with amazing friends in all walks of my life.

On this day of International friendship day, I want to share about the nine types of friends that made my life so colourful and you too love to have.

9 different types of friends everyone will have :

1.Soul Mate:

This friend is definitely your bestie and you feel they are part of your family. They understand and connects with you in every way which brings happiness when you are around them.

You will be thankful to God for this gifted person who knows you in and out.

soul mate friend


2.The Secret Shifter:

This friend of yours will change your negative feelings in an instant. When you are in bad mood texting or talking to them instantly makes you ‘YOU’.

These people will have all the time in the world for you when you need them.


secret shifter friend


3.Adrenaline Junkie:

This fearless friend of yours will push your limitations to go on an adventure, which scares you initially but the end of the day you discover a new you.

They have their own set of rules, enjoy exploring places and create great moments in life. Ask them a help, they can risk their lives to get what you need.

Adrenaline Junkie friend

4.Standalone Comedian :

This friend of yours possesses a great sense of humour. Hanging out with them make you realize it’s been ages since you laughed till your tummy hurts.

No matter how easy going and fun loving they look, they are sensitive loving souls who relieve your sadness.

comedy friend


5.The Inspirer:

This friend of yours belongs to “Man of Steel” species. These positive souls inspire you by the way they lead their life across all the constraints life puts them through.

inspiring friend


6.Two States Buddy:

This friend of yours from a different culture is definitely a boon as you get to learn their traditions, speak some picky lines from their language and best among all is you get to taste their amazinggggg FOOOODDDD.

other state friend

7.Career Planner:

This friend of yours makes you more eager to achieve goals at work, grab some career opportunities and recharge your emotional battery with some pep talks.


career planning type of friend


8.Chaddi Buddies :

These friends introduce the word friendship to you and they are definitely needed throughout your life to cherish your childhood memories.

Innocence and Immaturity of friendship in this phase of life make you smile when you look back into those days.

school friends


9.Meme Taggers 😉 :

I can say this is a trending friendship these days, these friends who tag you in all the silly memes on social media are the best because they make your day hilarious.

They also may give you face-palm moments but these bunch of crazy heads make your day because you are the first one in their head when they see something.

Meme tagging friends


Well, you may have an endless list of friends who are your neighbours, school/college friends, gym/yoga mates, office chai break buddies, hostelers, travel companions, dubsmash/smule app partners etc etc etc.

Every friend is unique and lovable in their own way. So keep making good friends.

LIVE the moments with them, LOVE them as they are and LAUGH all along your beautiful life.

Feel free to share with your friends, comment your best friend type and make him/her smile.

Happy Friendship day!!!

Pic credits: Pixabay

The 9 types of friends you need in life
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The 9 types of friends you need in life
We all have a bunch of good friends. Some of them join us from a different culture, location and stick with us forever in our life journey.
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