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When it comes to fashion, it seems like everyone wants more, more, more. Most guys don’t have the time to do a major overhaul. But in order to emanate his confidence, good looks, and personality a man has to be well-dressed.

But only being well-dressed is not about wearing expensive clothes and latest fashions he should know some simple mens fashion hacks to make look better.

It’s all about what you choose and how you wear them. Most of the man doesn’t have any idea how they look to other, they just keep on dressing up with same old clothes and design.

Here are few men’s fashion hacks that can impress any girl on earth.

11 Mens Fashion Hacks that can make girls go crazy

1.White Shirt+Slim Jeans+Leather Jacket = Hotness Overload

Leather jacket with Slim-fit Jeans and a comfortable white shirt. Pair it with a converse bag and aviator sunglasses. This outfit can make any girl go crazy. Find the best one here.

Jacket with leather bag

2. A Well-maintained Beard

Many mans like their uncombed beards but trimming can get your beards into great shape. Show off that jaw line and your facial cut by trimming your beard according to your jaw structure and bring out the caveman look that women are so crazy about. Choose your style from here.

Mens Fashion beard

3. Those rolled-up sleeves

When a guy rolls their sleeves up and shows off those forearm muscles. He looks very attractive and it cast a spell on women.

sleeves rollup for mens fashion

4. An expensive  Watch

One of the things that create a statement for women is the kind of watch you wear. They know too well if it’s a fake, so invest a little and buy yourself a classic watch. Find best watches here.

5. Shoes speak a lot

Most of the women first look at a guys shoe. So, choose your shoe according to your clothes. For casual wear, high tops or loafers are best. Find best shoes here.

Formal Shoes from Men

6. A good deodorant

Like every Deo add smelling good really attract a person. Spraying an ample amount of deo that smells pleasant is good always keep in mind spraying less is more. Don’t go spraying that deodorant so much that she can’t stop sneezing. Find best deodrends here.

Mens fashion deos

7. When you know how to layer it well

Expose those abs in tight sweaters and an overcoat. You should understand how to layer all your appeal well.

8. Bare ankles or bold socks

There is something sexy when men expose their ankles, whether bare or wearing bold socks. Socks looks very good in a men’s ankle when he wears a 3/4th  pants with sports shoe. Don’t be afraid to add a little colour or stripes to your collection. Find best socks here.

Bare Ankle shoes for men

9. An ironed shirt with a skinny tie

Most men often don’t realise how important a tie really is and crash their whole look with un-ironed shirts. Thin dark-colored or striped ties on plain shirts can add a lot more charm to your look than you think. As for casuals, a coloured bow-tie can also make a big difference.

Bow Tie for men

10. A well-tailored suit

Of all things, a well-tailored suit will always make a woman fall for you. So bring out those fifty shades of suits. Suit up Gentlemen, Find best suits here.

mens fashion suit

11. Opt for grey instead of white to wear under white dress shirts

Most men wear a white vest under white shirts. But wearing a vest of the same colour will show through. Grey coloured vest absorb light so it will be less visible. It will not show any undershirt lines through your shirt creating a cleaner and more gentleman look. Find this here.

Mens fashion vests


Follow these mens fashion hacks and impress your girl on your first date.

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11 Mens Fashion hacks that can make girls go crazy | Unmute Fashion
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11 Mens Fashion hacks that can make girls go crazy | Unmute Fashion
in order to emanate his confidence, good looks, and personality a man has to be well-dressed and follow some mens fashion hacks to impress any girl.
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