Smartest ways to cut calories in your diet plan

smart diet plan

I often see people saying that I am doing daily workouts in the gym, but I see there is no change in my weight or body. The obvious reason would be that they are not following the proper diet plan.

Quick diet plan
Smart Diet Plan

Just running on a treadmill or playing with dumbbells doesn’t help you much until and unless combined with a proper diet for a healthier and fitter you.

To make your personal and work life balance, you should follow a good diet plan.

Make sure you keep below do’s and don’ts in your mind when you plan your daily diet.

Don’ts of your diet plan:

Over consumption of Sugar:
Avoid Sugars in Diet
Avoid Sugars in Diet

Be conscious about the sugar intake in your daily foods. We unknowingly have lots of sugar content each day like chocolates, beverages, pastries, sweets etc. It tricks your body into gaining weight and affects insulin. According to Dietary guidelines for Indians, the sugar intake should not be more that 25-30gms/day.

Strictly Say no to Maida:

Difficult though, but please don’t eat Maida foods. It raises your bad cholesterol level. I know it’s hard to say no to Maida (Pizzas, samosa, Pastries etc..), at least start reducing the intake of such foods day by day.

Not more than one cheat meal in a week:

This is really very important to keep in mind. And you people know why!

Don’t drink water just before or immediately after a meal:

Ayurveda suggests that it’s not a good practice to drink water just before or immediately after a meal because gastric juices and hydrochloric acid present in the stomach which aid in digestion get diluted with water

Do’s of your diet plan:

Drink Warm Water in the early morning. Helps in increasing metabolic rate and gives the body the ability to burn more calories throughout the day and also helps in digestion.

almonds for diet plan

Eat 5 soaked Almonds every day. Almonds should be part of your daily intake. Just eat 5 soaked almonds in water every day. This Helps in reducing bad cholesterol and heart diseases

Eat Egg whites with onions after workout (Eggs are rich sources of Protein and vitamins)

Drink more Water during workout (Pumps the muscle)

Add Raagi balls to your lunch (Healthy meal and Helps in weight loss)

Eat Fruits in the day regularly (Rich in protein and fibre content)

Light meal in the night and should be before 9 PM (There should be at least 3 hours gap between your dinner and sleep)

Have Lime Water/ Green Tea without sugar 1 hour before bed (Helps to reduce Belly Fat.

Fruits for Diet plan
Fruits for good diet

Your daily intake should contain lower fat content and higher Protein and fibre content.

Remember “Health Is Wealth”.

Do you have more suggestions that could be part of everyone’s daily diet and helps in lowering the cholesterol or fat for good health? Your experience matters. Please comment such tips below!

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Smartest ways to cut calories in your diet plan
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Smartest ways to cut calories in your diet plan
The smartest diet plan is to manage your daily intake should be the lower fat content and higher Protein and fibre content.
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